Many breeds have inherited
distinctive water work skills

Our sessions build on your dog's natural instincts and abilities through exercises like jumping in and out of the water from shore or boat, retrieving objects from the water, rescuing people from water, pulling boats, leading ropes, recovering fishing nets etc. Some dogs even dive deep underwater to recover items from the 'seabed'!


Physical and mental fulfilment

Swimming can be mentally and physically satisfying for your dog, releasing endorphins as a natural by-product. A great sleep for your dog (and you!) is pretty much guaranteed after your session - in addition to tons of fun.

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The swimming pool

The largest of its kind in the UK - our pool is over 20 metres long, steadily increasing in depth from 45cm to 1.8m. Young or hesitant dogs are gently introduced to shallow water in the integral puppy pool area, graduating to take full advantage of the warm water which is chlorine and bromine free - producing a healthy, safe and controlled environment. Unique water purification and filtration systems maintain the water cleanliness and clarity and to prevent any risk of dogs overheating, the water is maintained at a temperature of between 20-23 degrees at all times.


Our aims and objectives

  • To Promote and develop the benefits and enjoyment of canine water sports for all suitable dog breeds
  • To create an affordable and available location to socialise and share our doggy fun with like minded people
  • Regular and repeatable individual swimming sessions, immune from the British weather or water conditions
  • Develop physical fitness and mental well being for dogs and their humans
  • To enable handlers to safely swim with their dogs in the water
  • To swim simply for fun, or train together in the water
  • To create a facility where reactive dogs or dogs with additional needs can safely join in the fun and games
  • These dogs and their owners can at last relax and enjoy their time together, in their own private space!
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    The Birches Farm, Moorwood Lane, Sheffield, S17 3BS

    Please note that our sessions are strictly by appointment only and we would therefore request that you contact us either via Facebook or by giving us a call to avoid disappointment.

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